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The Nouvelle revue théologique is a quarterly journal, published by professors of the Institut d'études théologiques, the Jesuits Faculty of theology in Brussels (Belgium)

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Nouveau: Cahier de la NRT BIOÉTHIQUE

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Le sacerdoce, humain et divin, masculin et féminin

180 pages, collection Cahiers de la NRT, CLD Editions, 2018

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Priesthood : It is a delicate and difficult question, but also a source of joy and hope. The priestly ministry is at the service of the baptismal priesthood, it is said. Why and how? What are the consequences for the Christian life? How to understand the place of women in the priestly mission of the Church united to Christ? Jean-Marie Hennaux finds answers to these questions in the contemplation of the priesthood of Jesus Christ, in the gift of his life out of love for the life of the world.

The Author : Jesuit, former provincial, Jean-Marie Hennaux is professor of moral and fundamental theology at the Institute of Theological Studies (Brussels). He collaborated on the writing of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Extracts from the Preface by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn : "An original contribution of Jean-Marie Hennaux's research is his reflection on the symbolism of the priesthood. The priest is at the service of the priesthood of the faithful and Father Hennaux is right to exclaim: "All priests, all mediators!" The reading of this book may appease many hearts in our communities for priests, and cause no doubt prayer ... "

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