Light, being and love

Lumière, être et amour
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NRT 140/3 (2018) p. 436-452
Author : Pascal IDE
The article seeks to articulate metaphysically three « notions » usually dissociated, light, being and love. For that, he first establishes the four-part constitution of light which requires a light source, something lit, a coloured entity and a subject who sees it, without their being reducible; this structure is to be found, more profoundly, in being (esse) which, while perfect, but not subsistent, is the mediator between the Ipsum esse subsistens and the substantial ens conceived as habens esse, and grasped by the mind in a judgement; finally love as gift espouses the same dynamic: the couples loving-loved, giver-recipient summon the double mediation of the spirit (hau) and of the gift (datum). The conclusion (by Trinitarian theology) suggests notably a prolongation which is also a crowning, in the direction of the third order of Pascal, charity.
Keywords : Light | Being | Love | Gift | Metaphysics
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