Beyond ideologies, a Christology for Africa

Au-delà des idéologies, une christologie pour l'Afrique
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NRT 141/1 (2019) p. 45-65
Author : Édouard ADÉ
Do the four paradigms around which Christology has been developed in recent decades (culture, poverty, race-racism, historical responsibility) represent real places of theological thinking? If so, to what extent? If not, how can they become such? What anthropological base does Africa offer for a significant articulation - that means, without ideological trace - of its response to Christ? This is the purpose of this study, which holds on Father Fessard's dialectics, especially the one of the Jew and the Pagan.
Keywords : African Christology | Inculturation | Slave Trade | Dialectic of the Jew and the pagan
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