Episcopalis communio, merits and limits of an institutional reform

Episcopalis communio, mérites et limites d'une réforme institutionnelle
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NRT 141/1 (2019) p. 66-88
Author : Alphonse BORRAS
On 15th Sept 2018 Pope Francis published Episcopalis communio which governs the Synod of bishops. The author analyses the theological and canonical meaning of the apostolic Constitution, starting from its title and its main elements: the function and nature of the Synod of bishops, the typology of synodal assemblies, the daily running and role of the general secretariat of the synod, etc. The author picks out some merits and limits of this text innovative for ecclesiology.
Keywords : Episcopalis communio (15/09/2018) | Synodality | Collegiality | Canon law | Ecclesiology
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