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The Nouvelle revue théologique is a quarterly journal, published by professors of the Institut d'études théologiques, the Jesuits Faculty of theology in Brussels (Belgium)

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The Nouvelle Revue Théologique (NRT) is published every three months by a group of professors from the Institut d’Études Théologique (I.E.T.), the Faculty of Theology of the Society of Jesus in Brussels.

Every issue (176 pages) contains six to eight articles (from 10 to 20 pages each) and summaries of about a hundred publications. More than a hundred years in operation, the Nouvelle Revue Théologique covers practically all areas of theology : beginning with Scripture, considered as the “soul of theology”, then dogmatics and patristics, moral and pastoral theology, liturgy and spirituality, philosophy and fundamental theology, ecumenism and interreligious dialogue and church history.

The review can also open a theological perspective on current Christianity whilst always striving to combine « a most accurate and sound doctrinal solidity with a healthy openness to research and to the problems of the Church of our time » (Letter of Paul VI to the editor of the review on the occasion of its centenary).

While remaining a serious, informed, university-level publication, it aims to stay accessible to the non-specialist and does not call for its readers to possess an advanced theological formation. It is addressed to readers who wish to develop their Christian culture.

One of the more appreciated elements of the Nouvelle Revue Théologique is to be found in its book reviews. There is hardly any other theological review which offers such a broad and consistent panorama of recent publications in the field of religious science. Consequently, with more than 400 items per year, the review has reviewed more than 42.000 publications.

Far from limiting itself to books in French, it endeavors to cover the basic essentials of theological writing in English, Italian and German even if the present abundance of publications does not permit an exhaustive coverage.

The review has an international readership. It has several thousand subscribers of whom over half are French speaking spread over about a hundred countries. The “editorial committee” is helped by an “editorial council” which is broader and international.

Nouvelle Revue Théologique

Letter of Paul VI to the editor of the review

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