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The Nouvelle revue théologique is a quarterly journal, published by professors of the Institut d'études théologiques, the Jesuits Faculty of theology in Brussels (Belgium)

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Articles published in the latest issue

141/1, January-March 2019
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Read this article : Éditorial. 150 ans, <em>ad maiorem Dei gloriam</em>read online A. MASSIE s.j. — Éditorial. 150 ans, ad maiorem Dei gloriam 141/1 (2019) 3-5
read online J.-P. SONNET s.j. — Moby Dick and the Bible: Navigating on the Abyss 141/1 (2019) 6-21
read online G. DE LONGCAMP — The Church, a Community of Memory 141/1 (2019) 22-35
read online P. PIRET s.j. — « For you, who am I? » Three teachings on the subject of Christ 141/1 (2019) 36-44
read online E. ADÉ — Beyond ideologies, a Christology for Africa 141/1 (2019) 45-65
read online A. BORRAS — Episcopalis communio, merits and limits of an institutional reform 141/1 (2019) 66-88
read online M. KNEER — The double dialogue of Mohamed Aziz Lahbabi : between Muslims and Christians, between philosophy and theology 141/1 (2019) 89-104
read online J.-F. PETIT a.a. — Michel Foucault, patrologist and ethician ? On Les aveux de la chair 141/1 (2019) 105-113
read online J.-M. HENNAUX s.j. — The salvation of children who die without baptism 141/1 (2019) 114-125

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