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The Nouvelle revue théologique is a quarterly journal, published by professors of the Institut d'études théologiques, the Jesuits Faculty of theology in Brussels (Belgium)

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Noëlle HAUSMAN, Dominique STRUYF

La vie consacrée. Lumières et obscurités

Préface de Mgr Éric de Moulins-Beaufort

128 pages, collection Cahiers de la NRT, éditions CLD, 2019

12,00 € TTC port compris, pour la France et la Belgique

16,50 € TTC port compris pour les autres pays

Commandez-le ici

2 avril 2019, Bruxelles, Présentation des Cahiers vie consacrée et synodalité : cliquez pour les détails




Articles published in the latest issue

141/2, April-June 2019
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read online S. LANDRIVON — Scripture mythologised: from Magdalen to La Traviata, the story of a distortion 141/2 (2019) 177-188
read online N. BOSSU — John Calvin, Francis de Sales and the Dry Bones Prophecy (Ezek 37) - First Part: Calvin's Interpretations 141/2 (2019) 189-2016
read online É. DE MOULINS-BEAUFORT (mgr) — Apostolic priesthood and spiritual freedom.
Faced with the challenges of time what resources are there for the Church in France?
141/2 (2019) 228-243
read online J.-B. ARNAUD — Some theological reflexions and pastoral questions about the Youth Synod 141/2 (2019) 243-263
read online M.-G. LEMAIRE — Must we « de-dramatize » Atheism? 141/2 (2019) 264-283
read online J. SCHEUER s.j. — Lynn de Silva (1919-1982). A Sri-Lankan pioneer of dialogue between Christians and Buddhists 141/2 (2019) 284-296
read online J. RADERMAKERS s.j. — Immersion among the first Christians 141/2 (2019) 297-300
read online M. FÉDOU s.j. — Incarnation as God's autodonation 141/2 (2019) 301-305

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