À propos de la Déclaration « Dominus Jesus »

Jean Rigal
On the Declaration « Dominus Jesus »

The recently published Declaration Dominus Jesus (6/8/2000) has already been much written about. Drafted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, it has been approved by the Pope's unquestionable science and apostolic authority. The media coverage of the document has been mainly concerned with the ecumenical questions it raises; yet, the very title suggests a much larger intent: it concerns the salvific uniqueness of Jesus Christ and of the Church. The validity of its arguments which caution us more particularly against the risk of relativism can hardly be contested. On the other hand, many of us have felt irritated, rightfully it would seem, by the spirit of the Declaration, its style, its methodological choices. It is to be wished that this document, in spite of the very real difficulties of assent it raises, might pave the way for new meetings and dialogues on our path toward a common encounter with the Lord who awaits us.
À propos de la Déclaration « Dominus Jesus »


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