De Babel à  la Pentecôte. Histoire d'une bénédiction

Georgette Chéreau
At Babel, the Lord prevents an illusive human enterprise bound to dry up the sources of life: one language for all, power without law, identity without filiation. At Pentecost, the word circulates, a people is being built up…In Jesus, men and women who have come from all over the world recognize one another as sons and daughters of God. The Spirit imparts to all those who welcome him the strenght to work, through the tribulations of history, at the completion of the holy city which comes from God. Each life shares in that holy history. The events of Pentecost invite us to recognize, at the time of exile and darkness as well as at the time of consolation, God's grace… which saves us from death and which leads our desire to its ultimate end: the living of God's own life.
De Babel à  la Pentecôte. Histoire d'une bénédiction


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