Devenir homme est le chemin de l'expérience de Dieu

R. Martínez de Pisón Liébanas omi
If in the past we sometimes presented God as opposed to the human person becoming a responsible and free agent, Maurice Zundel makes us aware of the opposite: the experience of the human person is equally the path in which God reveals God's presence. God is not humanity's rival, but the one in whom humanity finds its fullness. Maurice Zundel makes us see that humanity's liberation lies in being freed from all internal as well as external constraints. Only thus can one be really free; a freedom which is the road to encountering a God who is God. God is conditioned by the greatness of humanity with is called to become the transparent, fragile God whom Jesus Christ reveals to us.
Devenir homme est le chemin de l'expérience de Dieu


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