La sacramentalité comme question oecuménique

Jean Rigal
Sacramentality as an Oecumenical Question

The problem of «sacramentality» constitutes a major obstacle in the present ecumenical movement. This article aims at picking out the essential data while remaining within the confines of the question it raises for the two great Churches of the Reformation and the Roman Catholic Church. A fresh look at the controversies of the XVIth century is urgently needed. The discussion arising from the «ex opere operato» and the objective value of the sacraments, is at the heart of the conflicts related to «sola fide» and to the notion of merit. The ecumenical dialogue brings out a number of agreed upon issues such as the absolute subordination of the Church to the unique mediation of Christ, in the light of which the relationship between sacrament and word as well as between sacrament and faith is expressed in new terms. As a result urgent appeals are made to open new ways towards the unity of the Church.
La sacramentalité comme question oecuménique


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