Le « Oui » de Pierre Emmanuel: un itinéraire

Jean Radermakers s.j.
The « Yes » of Pierre Emmanuel. An Intinary

Pierre Emmanuel (1916-1985) has long trudged along the way of faith: from refusal to acquiescence… and to an unconditional consent to God's reality and to his presence as revealed in Christ the Saviour. His progress of thought is the subject matter of E. Frank's remarkable thesis: the «yes» of Pierre Emmanuel. The A. analyses Emmanuel's poetical, and Biblical-inspired, work (Jacob, Évangéliaire, Le grand oeuvre…) with acuteness and sympathetic understanding, stressing the poet's hesitancy, his questioning and his search… which are all along kindled not only by Christian faith but also by the mystical inspiration of India. While pointing out modern man's difficulty in giving to God (Creator and Master of history) a pacified assent, Pierre Emmanuel's work sketches the outlines of a poet's christological theology.
Le « Oui » de Pierre Emmanuel: un itinéraire


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