Le tournant ontologique de la phénoménologie française?

Paul Gilbert s.j.
The Ontological Turning. Point of French Phenomenology

An important strand in contemporary philosophy in France places itself in the double inheritance of Husserlian phenomenology and Heideggerian hermeneutics. This current aims to establish itself as first philosophy, thus renewing the link with ontology, while at the same time keeping its distance vis-à-vis the notional propositions of modern metaphysical systems. In discussing the current's best known proponents - in particular Michel Henry, Jean-Luc Marion and Paul Ricoeur - the present article brings to light their renewal of the ancient insistence on a foundation at once rigorously meta- (in the sense of «ante-») predicative and engaged with the present, an insistence which imposes the requirement that its enunciation be at once immediate and mediate. The article is particularly attentive to the «intention-intuition» relationship central to phenomenology and to the reasons which legitimate the apparent impossibility of hermeneutics to achieve closure.
Le tournant ontologique de la phénoménologie française?


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