Le Verbe de Dieu, Jésus Christ et les religions du monde

Jacques Dupuis s.j.
The Word of God, Jesus Christ, and world Religions

While maintaining clearly the universal efficacy of the Jesus Christ event for the salvation of humankind, it is possible to affirm simultaneously a universal salvific activity of the Word of God as such, after as well as before the incarnation of the Son and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Both elements must be harmoniously combined, as both belong together to the one, but complex and organic, economy of salvation designed by God for humankind. The article establishes the perduring action of the Word as such on biblical ground and shows that it is in harmony with the Church's christological dogma established by the Councils of Chalcedon and Constantinople III. The historical event Jesus Christ is necessarily limited by time and space; nevertheless it obtains a universal salvific value because in its risen state the humanity of Jesus has become trans-historical and is therefore universally present and operative. It does not, however, exhaust the revealing and salvific power of the Word of God, neither before nor after the incarnation and resurrection. The Word of God has «sown his seeds» in the other religious traditions and continues today to do so; this universal action of the Word as such combines with the salvific power of the Christ-event to account for the elements of «truth and grace» operative in those traditions for the salvation of their followers.
Le Verbe de Dieu, Jésus Christ et les religions du monde


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