Théologie et philosophie chez Henri Bouillard

Joseph Doré (Mgr)
The writings of H. Bouillard (1908-1981) throw a vivid light on the relationship between philosophy and theology in contemporary French theology. Focusing on the interest of Bouillard the theologian for philosophy, the author pinpoints in his work four significant encounters. The first is with Thomas Aquinas, from whom he learns that the theologian, far from being bound to any particular philosophy, must rethink the faith in the cultural conditions of his time. Secondly, an encounter with Karl Barth against whom he reaffirms the validity of the human intellect in acknowledging divine revelation. Thirdly with Maurice Blondel, who leads him to discover in human action the need for the supernatural, a need which is both necessary and out of reach. Lastly with Éric Well, in the company of whom he ponders the meaning of human existence. For Bouillard, philosophy is neither an outside tool nor a avowed ally; it is the actual and unavoidable space in which theology moves and where it proves itself with its own specific means.
Théologie et philosophie chez Henri Bouillard


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