Théologiens catholiques en monde chinois. II

B. Vermander
Based on a reading of the Collectanea Theologica Universitatis Fujen, published for over 25 years by the Jesuit Faculty of Theology in Taipei, this article aims to describe the process of enculturation pursued by Chinese Catholic theologians. The author first reminds us of the linguistic, hermeneutic and socio-political context in which such a process takes place. He then examines the reinterpretation of such basic notions as piety, Law, Spirit. He continues by presenting some attempts to ground an enculturated spiritual and narrative theology. He concludes by a survey of the tasks that Chinese theology has now to fulfil: a critical appraisal of recent history and a deepening of hermeneutic research are requisites for starting a dialogue with other religious traditions and for being relevant in words and deeds within a changing social context.
Théologiens catholiques en monde chinois. II


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