Submitting an article

Submitting an article

Articles may be proposed to the journal (, so long as they are within the scope of interest of the journal.

The submitted work must be unpublished and must not have been simultaneously submitted to another journal. It needs to possess a scientific and innovative character within the field of theological research whilst maintaining a pastoral interest.

Submissions should not exceed 45,000 characters including spaces and footnotes. An abstract of 5 or 6 lines should be joined to it. A note should accompany the submission where the author is introduced, including details of his or her academic or ecclesial background and, possibly, publications.

The review accepts normally articles written in French. Exceptionally an article may be submitted in English. If the text is accepted, the secretariat of the review would then provide for its translation into French.

As soon as the article has arrived, the author will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. All articles are first submitted to the journal’s Reading Committee. The Director will communicate acceptance or rejection within three months of receipt. He is not obliged to provide reasons for a refusal. Texts not accepted are not returned.

In the event of acceptance for publication the Director is entitled to request changes or stylistic revisions of the article.

Format guidelines

The text should be sent to the Copy Desk of the review in either Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF). If it contains special characters (v.g. Greek; Hebrew or transliterated Hebrew), please also forward a hard copy via post.

Kindly follow the following guidelines:

  • Font - Times Roman 12 pt, for the body of the text and all footnotes.
  • Spacing - 1.5 with 2.50 cm margins.
  • Style - please refrain from bold and underlined text.
  • Quotations - please use quotation marks, not italics. If the quotation is in excess of 4 lines in length, please indent. Quotations in foreign languages must be cited in French in the text, with, in a footnote, the original language if required.

For references to authors, please comply with the following standards :

  • Book : Author (in small capitals), Title (in italics), Collection, City, Publisher, Year, Page
    e.g. L.-M. Chauvet, Symbol and Sacrament, al. Cogitatio fidei 144, Paris, Cerf, 1986, p. 48.
    If it concerns an editor or a work written under the direction of another, please describe the function (eg Ed) in brackets :
    e.g. Fr. Mies (Ed.), Bible et philosophie. Les lumières de la raison, coll. Le livre et le rouleau 30, Bruxelles, Lessius, 2007
    e.g. E. Nicholer and A. Guggenheim, (dir.), Vatican II. La sacramentalité de l’Église et le Royaume, Paris, Parole et Silence, 2008, p. 152.
  • For Articles (or chapter of a book), kindly place the title of the article in quotation marks.
    e.g. K. Rahner, « Parole et eucharistie », in Écrits théologiques, Paris, DDB, 1968, p. 67.


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